Back To School- Healthy Lunch Ideas!

Back to School Lunch Ideas!



I was recently speaking to a single-parent friend of mine, and she was relating the difficulties of packing a lunch for her 12 year old daughter that the child would indeed want to eat. We all know that they’d be thrilled if you sent them off with a lunchbox packed with a PBJ on Wonderbread(diagonal cut), crispy cheese puffs, chocolate pudding and a wildly overpriced juice box(that’s 10% juice). But is that the best you can do for your developing pre-teen? Of course not!


What follows are some fantastic lunch alternatives that your children just might love!


Lunch One:

* Egg Salad w/low-fat Mayo & Aldi’s Bacon Bits on Wheat

Dried Fruit(Fruitful Yield has huge selection)

Hi-Protein Candy Bar(delicious array at Nutrition Discounters in Villa Park)

Snow Peas & Carrot Sticks

Coconut Water(your child will love the variety that’s spiked with mango or pineapple juice!)


Lunch Two:

* Turkey Bacon BLT on Whole Wheat Naan Bread or Flat Bread Rollup with Ranch or low-fat


Watermelon, Pineapple & Grape Medley

Thermos of Fruit/Veggie Juice (liquefy spinach, bell pepper, blueberries & grapes in blender;

strain juice into thermos – they’ll love it!)

Fruit & Nut Bar (Kind Plus bars from Fruitful Yield – all are fantastic)


Lunch Three: (If your child is adventurous)

* Seasoned Diced Pork mixed in with Mashed Yucca

Cactus Fruit(halved – eat with spoon)

Veggie/Fruit Bar(Fruitful Yield has a variety)

Dry Cucumber Soft Drink(from Mike’s Meat Market)


All of these recipes represent low-calorie, balanced meals with an emphasis on healthy, natural ingredients. I promise you, they’re so good you’ll want to eat them yourself! If you’d like specifics on any of these recipes, feel free to e-mail me!


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