Drink to Good Health – Special Guest Submission!

Tequila & Soda –


JoAnn Fabiano, our awesome new Zumba instructor(starting July 28th!) and personal trainer is a fellow healthy drink enthusiast herself, it turns out.  So she decided to get in on the action and submit her own favorite summer drink recipe. Personally, I’d call it a Skinny Girl Margarita, but then I couldn’t ever drink anything by that name. So we’ll stick with Tequila and Soda~ Ole! 😛



Tequila-Don Julio recommended

Club Soda

Fresh Lime or Lemon slices/ one for a squeeze and one for garnish

Small Rocks glass(salted rim optional)



Fill Small Rocks glass with ice.

Pour 1 ½ oz. of Tequila into glass

Top off with Club Soda

Squeeze one of the lime or lemon slices into glass and stir

Put one of the lime or lemon slices in glass for a garnish

Take a nice big sip and enjoy!


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