Personal/ Group

Personalize your workout!  Pick your trainer, your goals, your time and your intensity.  Personal Training is perfect for these clients:

  • Clients whose schedules do not allow them to attend regularly scheduled classes at Peak.
  • Clients with specific goals in training. Races, competitions, increasing endurance, increasing specific strength training.
  • Clients with injuries or limitations that prevent them from feeling comfortable in a group fitness class.

Call us to schedule your appointment.   630.785.3550


  • 30 Minute Personal Training (1 person)….$29.00
  • 60 Minute Personal Training (1 person)….$55.00
  • 60 Minute GROUP Personal Training (2 or more people)…$70.00

A wide variety of trainers offer a variety of classes

Contact Trainer to discuss format and schedule.

Tracy Bushka 630.632.0950

  • High or low intensity training: customized to work around injuries or limitations at any level.
  • Body sculpt, weight training: low impact strengthening moves. focus on specific areas of the body or desire a total body workout.

Amanda Bryant 773.406.9043

  •  Recovery Yoga: Add a little balance to your workouts on your “off” days and give your muscles a brake while increasing circulation.
  • Runners Yoga: Love to run but not so good at making time to stretch? Focus on hips to decrease your chance of injury and increase your range of motion with a “” small group class.
  • Just Getting Started Yoga:  Always wanted to try yoga but afraid to look like a fool? Chances are a lot of your friends feel the same way! Get a group together for this customized class or get one-on-one attention.

Dave Kuhlman  630.346.8102

  • Instructional boxing/sparring and cardio boxing fitness….put on the gloves and learn how to defend yourself as well as strike effectively and confidently!
  • Resistance cardio training…using both free and machine weights with more reps/with less rest in between to build muscular endurance, strength and cardiovascular fitness at the same time.
  • Kettle bell training….building core and cardiovascular strength with a variety of kettle bell maneuvers.
  • Core strength training.. Using your body weight to build core strength, bettering your posture and overall health
Dave is skilled at working with a variety of athletic abilities and will cater to your level. He will take care to protect your spinal alignment at all times and compensate for any injuries past and present.
JoAnn Fabiano  630.674.5547
  • Training special populations that include balance, strength and cardio endurance
  • Lunch time boot camps-30 minutes to 45 minutes of intense leveled cardio and strength    
  • Stretch and Range of Motion training for recovery and flexibility
  • Moderate to Intense strength training-Hypertrophy to Sculpt type weight training
  • Nutrition based training 

I have worked in a lot of different settings, including hospital wellness centers to assisted living facilities and children’s programs.  I always plan and adapt according to the individuals  fitness levels, weakness, and strengths.