Knee Pain – The Closest You’ll Ever Get to a Panacea

I have spent the last 25 years exercising consistently without ever taking off more than a week  – including the two months I spent recouping from a catastrophic ankle break on crutches. Up until a couple years ago, I went to extremes to maintain big and powerful legs, hoping to keep that condition indefinitely. I pounded my joints mercilessly and without rest, never pondering the consequences of such punishment

Not surprisingly, the price I paid for a quarter century of overtraining was knee pain – bad knee pain! Walking down stairs was the worst. I was resolved to the idea that I must cease training my legs. That was until my mother came to town for a visit. She comes from a long line of bad knees. Her brother just had double knee replacement surgery and my mother had been seeking treatment for her own bad knees. She happened to relate to me something that her Doctor had suggested that intrigued me. He recommended that she take massive doses of fish oil pills every day, noting that its daily consumption was accompanied by impressive therapeutic results. Now, I don’t know what constitutes a massive dose, as each horse pill looks like a massive dose in and of itself, but I thought I’d give it a try.

I learned that fish pills thin the blood and could lead to a stroke if you took too much at one time, so I settled on taking four pills in the morning and four pills at night. Well, wouldn’t you know it – the stuff worked like a charm! Within 48 hours my knees were remarkably better. 100% better? No, but 85% at least.

Here’s why they work:

1.) Fish Oil lubricates the joints

2.) It reputedly reduces inflammation in the body

3.) The oils are replete with Omega 3 fatty acids, which benefit the heart and other organs BIG time, promoting homeostasis and a more perfectly functioning body. This helps heal joint damage

I’ve recommended this treatment to a number of people, and the ONLY people who failed to experience improvement were those who underdosed. One pill a day will do NOTHING

Before you grab a big bottle of these wonder pills, consult with your Doctor to make sure this regimen is safe for you and does not conflict with any medications that you’re currently taking. And be sure to give me your feedback if you try this out 😀

Yours in Health


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