Lombard’s Best Boot Camp – Bar NONE!

As a veteran leader of many boot camps, I elected to defer to Tracy with respect to conducting all boot camp activities when we opened EliteXTraining. I opted for Personal/Group training and Cardio Fusion classes(okay, CF’s like a boot camp, but all alternative cardio). A short time ago, I had the opportunity to serve as substitute leader of the class in Tracy’s absence. I had never observed a whole class and seen close up how things go down in Nitro Boot Camp.

For starters, everyone in the class was working hard – really hard! And everyone had what I’d assess as near perfect form when executing their respective exercises. Also, I could tell that everyone I knew to be a regular attendee of the class appeared to well-conditioned physically. I was hardly surprised at that last observation, as everyone from that class who frequents Cardio Fusion seems to have a great deal of stamina – and a high threshold for pain 😛

I’ve been told by several people that EXT’s Nitro Boot Camp is hands down the best. When you consider it’s responsible for multiple people losing over 100 pounds, and that a number of people drive in from 4-5 towns away, you know that it’s something truly special. Keep up the good work, everyone! You too, Trainer Tracy!!! 😀


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