Relax. Heal. Rejuvenate.  


Enjoy a Therapeutic Massage at Peak Training Studio. 

Barbara Goclan Licensed Massage Therapist

Benefits of Massage

  • Increases circulation
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Boost immune system
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Increases flexibility
  • Overall stress relief

Swedish…Deep Tissue…Combo (Swedish & Deep Tissue)…Prenatal..Thai…Reflexology…Sports

  • 30 min $35 (50% off does not apply to 30 min massages)
  • 60 min $70
  • 90 min $90
  • Massage Membership: Enjoy one 60 minute massage EVERY month for $55/month with this program. Purchase the Massage Membership today to save!  Your card will be charged monthly and you schedule that massage once a month. Great way to save money!

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Peak clients enjoy first massage 50% off!

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Please contact Barbara Goclan to schedule: 630-956-0357  

NEW Massage

Cupping, yes, like Michael Phelps

There are two types are Cupping therapy that we combine, Stationary and Gliding. 

Stationary helps with blood stagnation to facilitate the release of pathogens.
Gliding is when the therapist glides the cups over the location to help relieve the tension and congestion in the tissues and muscles.

Both are combined along with Massage to help warm up the muscles.

Cupping Sessions can be added to any massage or as a stand alone appointment.
Appts can vary from 30 min to 60 min, generally 45 min time duration.
$45 stand alone appt.
$35 add on.

Please fill out Intake Form prior to appointment.

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Hours by appointment and vary week to week.

Please arrive 5 min before appointment. If you arrive late, your appointment will still end at the same original scheduled time.

Barbara Goclan, LMT

Barbara Goclan is a Licensed Massage Therapist. She completed the required 600 hour Massage Therapy Program.  She gained much more hands-on experience while working as a Chiropractic Assistant.

Barbara decided to become a Massage Therapist because of her love to help each person she sees feel better. She believes massage is a great preventative step to good health and wellness, whether it’s for stress relief, physical injury, or maintenance.

Barbara is well trained in many massage modalities; Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pre-Natal, Thai just to name a few. Thai Massage is  Barbara’s favorite massages to give and receive because it’s a fusion of Massage and Yoga stretches.

In her spare time, Barbara enjoys running, yoga and spending time with her family.


I have been a distance runner for many years.  After taking a break for a couple of years, I returned to marathon racing in 2015.  All sorts of nagging injuries (hamstring, calf, etc.) kept me from training and racing the way I wanted.  I am training again for a marathon this year and already there has a world of difference in my recovery time from hard workouts and a noticeable decrease in those various pains I was getting.  I attribute this to regular cross-training and monthly massages from Barbara.  From the first time I worked with Barbara, she helped me develop a plan to work through problem areas and concentrate on long-term improvement.  The results have been fantastic.  I ran my fastest half-marathon time in five years in May and have never felt better in training with about two months to go before my marathon.  Barbara really understands the needs of a runner and helps incorporate the monthly sessions into the training plan.  My only regret is that I didn’t start working with Barbara a long time ago.  I highly recommend that all serious distance runners incorporate massage into their workout regiment and they should specifically seek out the knowledge and wisdom of Barbara to maximize the benefits.  The dividends on your investment will be felt with each and every run.

– Jim W.