(May The) Centrifugal Force (Be With You) by Dave Kuhlman NASM/CPT at EliteXTraining in Lombard


-“Every living being is an engine geared to the wheelwork of the universe. Though seemingly affected only by it’s immediate surrounding, the sphere of external influence extends to infinite distance.”                              Nicola Tesla-   

This past weekend I was unwrapping the Christmas lights from my deck railings. The constant circular motion of unwinding the strands from the spindles, which annoyed me greatly at first, finally got me thinking…..Everything around us is constantly spinning in a never ending circle… The blood coursing through our veins, the air we breathe in and out, the clock ticking away time on our kitchen wall, our daily circadian rhythm, the moon around our own planet, mother earth, constantly rotating, while she speeds along a giant invisible track around the sun.
If we feel like we’re just going around in circles in this life it’s because we are, literally. Most people are concerned with making progress, moving forward in a straight line, and getting ahead. Maybe time or even the ever expanding universe itself isn’t as linear as we’ve been programmed to think, maybe there is no “making progress” or “getting ahead.” Maybe the real key to living full a life is finding the good and the joy we can extract from the seemingly endless whirling ride we’re all experiencing… Choosing to take comfort from our daily rituals, our daily meetings, the trips to the grocery store, the sun going down in the evening and rising once again in the morning. Taking time to feel the laughter, the love, and the kindness all around us and forwarding that positive energy to others. Full circle.

Applying this to our own fitness routine is as simple as making a choice. I used to count the minutes until my workout was over, sneaking quick glances at the clock, waiting for it to complete one full trip around the dial, lamenting how long it took. Now I take a different tack, I choose to make the most of my exercise time and fully embrace the minutes I have within my regimen pushing myself all the while. The immediate benefit of working like this is the rush of endorphins my body releases giving me a feeling of euphoria, long term it helps to keep my mind fresh and healthy. If you can adopt this paradigm shift you will reap great benefits, not only physically but mentally as well. This is the attitude and practice that many successful trainers, teachers and masters take in any of their endeavors. They find the ‘joy’ in challenging  themselves to attain their goals and then pass that knowledge and energy along to their students. This is the model I choose to implement and fully believe in the potential of it’s positivity. Learning to harness the invisible power of the centrifugal force all around us by choosing to take a different view of  where and how life is leading  us might just be the answer to achieving more of our life and fitness goals. Making the choice to see all situations from a positive point of view, embracing the here and now, and spreading the good. I hope you can benefit from this concept and employ it to more fully achieve your  goals while enjoying the recurrent journey. In the words of Yoda, “May The (Centrifugal) Force Be With You!   Dave Kuhlman NASM/CPT at EliteXTraining Lombard.

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