My Favorite Fitness Myth

OMG…every time I hear about the mythical ‘fat burning zone’, my ears begin to bleed.  I always knew that the concept was intrinsically silly, but I never thought people would still subscribe to it after all this time. The theory, for those of you who aren’t familiar with it, goes something like this:

“When exercising, you need to stay below 60% of your maximum heart rate.  If you exercise too vigorously, you enter an anaerobic zone that precludes the fat burning process”

Before opening EliteXTraining, I did quite a bit of recon – visiting other studios and facilities, to see if they had anything innovative that we might want to incorporate in our own unique brand. One such place was Orange Fitness Theory. Here, you wear a heart monitor that broadcasts to a display screen. A coach mills about advising people to raise or lower their intensity according to that individual’s display color. Red? Too intense. Orange? Perfect – you’re in the Fat Burning Zone! Well, personally, I only know one way to exercise, and that’s b*lls-to-the-wall. I was getting heat the whole time from the coaches telling me to slow down or stop until I dropped back into the orange zone.  

Here’s reality – look up ‘Excess Post-workout Oxygen Consumption’ or EPOC(aka, After Burn). In short, science shows that Fat Burning Zone-based workouts do burn fat and calories while you perform the particular physical activity. After the exercise, however, calorie expenditure essentially stops. But really high intensity workouts – where your max heart rate rockets out of the Fat Burning Zone – results in a highly elevated expenditure of fat and calories even HOURS AFTER the workout.


Wanna burn fat calories while you sit at your desk at work – or while you sleep? Come to EXT, hop into Nitro Bootcamp or Cardio Fusion. We promise to deliver all the EPOC you could ever hope for!!! 😀

Committed to Your Success

Derek – EliteXTraining

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