Peak Fit

I’ve been wanting to do this for sooo long!  The fact is, people love what’s going on at Peak training but either can’t get here regularly or just live too far. Peak Fit is five workouts a week for 6 weeks.  These workouts will be sent to you via email with a video link to sweat daily Monday through Friday!  They will vary from strength to cardio in nature and will be all you need to get your fitness on track!  New group starts every 6 weeks.  On Facebook? Get added to our private Facebook page for additional support! Introductory rate is $60 for January! Get workouts from Coach Tracy for 6 weeks and change how you feel and look!  Sign up now.

Cost: $60 for 6-week program. 5 emails with workouts a week.  They come to you Monday – Friday

(you will needs some weights to complete some classes)

Session 1 : Jan 8 to Feb 16

Session 2: Feb 19 to Mar 30th