No, not the mandated sensitivity training forced on you by your HR Department. We’re talking training your body in a way that incorporates numerous physical challenges that forces it to adapt to a variety of stresses. You must equip your body to handle anything that confronts it. Here’s how we do that at EliteXTraining:

We Incorporate the most effective components of these exercise regimens:

* Weight/Resistance Circuits
* High Intensity Cardio Intervals
* Strongman Drills
* Plyometrics
* TRX Suspension
* Military PT
* Kickboxing/Martial Arts

– Bootcamp & Xtreme Fusion offer most/all styles in ONE CLASS!

No one style of training can compare with the benefits you’ll receive from becoming proficient at a number of exercise disciplines. That’s the cross training – or ‘X’ training – element in EliteXTraining! 😀

Yours in Health-

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