Thwarting the Body’s Adaptative Response with Cardio Fusion &Nitro BootCamp Training!

Have you ever totally dedicated to yourself to a single style of exercise? Like running, for example. If you begin running 30-50 miles a week,  you will likely notice some rapid changes in your body. Body fay reserves would drop. Any muscle not supporting the muscle mechanics would likely atrophy to some degree. Then after a while, the body would set into a groove and you would cease to see any further changes. If you like the way your body looks in this state – you’ve achieved your ideal body image. As long as you keep running, it will remain in this state.  You have successfully triggered the body’s adaptative response(AR).

But what if you endeavor to have a constantly improving balanced overall physique, you’ll need to circumvent AR and the Law of Diminishing Returns associated with it. How is this possible? By overwhelming it with an array of different exercise stimuli. At EliteXTraining, we do this through employing the principles of cross-training in Cardio Fusion and Nitro Boot Camp.

Between these two classes, every inch of your body will be challenged through running, lifting, punching, jumping, kicking, pulling, plyometric work, endurance training, strength moves and more. The Adaptative Response doesn’t stand a chance at EXT!!!


Add Yoga, Body Sculpt and Kickboxing to the mix, for ever greater results!

And, one final benefit to avoiding one-dimensional, repetitive exercise is that you’re also avoiding the repetitive stress factor that results in so many injuries. This is especially important for those of us approaching the age of 40 and beyond.

Committed to your success 😀


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