XTreme Fusion Makeover :D

Xtreme Fusion classes have received a friendly makeover to serve as a better complement to EXT’s existing class schedule.

Formerly, the class was a hi-intensity bootcamp with a very unique array of exercise styles and exercise principles. It was intended to be a whole body workout

NOW, the class is more based on alternative cardio. All muscle isolation moves have been replaced with multi-joint cardio exercises. This regimen includes:

* Incline Treadmill Walks/Runs

*  Sled Drags/Pushes

* Resistance Runs

* Weighted/Resistance Agility Ladder

* Sprints

* Aerodyne Bike Sprints

* Uphill Carries

* Broad Jumps

Exercise will ALWAYS be tailored to an individual’s physical ability. You will never be asked to to do anything beyond your own capacity(Jenn Bushka excluded).

It’s fun, challenging, exhausting and unlike anything you’ve ever done before. Check it out!!

Committed to Your Success-


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