N’amastaying It Wrong?  Beginning Yoga 101 Workshop


Feel self-conscious about your down dog? Perfect for yoga newbie or yoga master, this class focuses on the fundamentals of yoga, breaking down poses and vinyasa sequences to highlight proper alignment and teach the functional benefits of each pose. Take a deep breath and set an intention to start the fall with improved focus and balance. Sign up for Tuesday  Sign up for Saturday

Weekly Yoga Classes:

Vinyasa Flow Yoga:  Tuesday 7:15pm

A blending of yoga postures with synchronized breath and smooth movement. Vinyasa flow often includes components derived from ashtanga yoga such as sun salutations, ujjayi pranayma, bandhas and drishti (gaze). Asana, vinyasa and pranayama, are creatively sequenced to develop internal awareness, build heat and explore energizing effects. Vinyasa flow yoga increases strength, stamina and flexibility while calming and steadying the mind.

Yoga for Muscle Recovery: Thursday 6:15pm

Add some balance to your workouts and join Amanda’s Yoga for Muscle for Recovery class on Thursdays. Be kind to your tired, tight and sore muscles with this slow and intense stretching class dedicated to increasing blood flow to aid quicker recovery and decreasing your chance of injury.  Improve your overall flexibility as well as your range of motion to improve posture and general well being.



Kids Yoga

This kids-only yoga hour will have your children laughing and having fun as we practice basic yoga poses and play yoga games.  Yoga has been shown to help improve coordination, focus and sleep in children.  Ages 5-11  $10/child  Limit of 10 per class.  Instructor Barbara Goclan

Moon and Sun Salutes

Join Amanda Bryant for an in depth look at the often practiced, and more often overwhelming, Sun and Moon Salutes. Breakdown these popular vinyasa into individual poses with tips for transitions. Learn to utilize Sun and Moon Salutes to fuel your own practice and obtain the intended benefits without confusion or injury.

Essential Beginning Yoga

Have you always wanted to try yoga but never wanted to be the only novice in class? Have you been practicing for a while but not quite sure you are doing the poses correctly or for what purpose? Essential Beginning Yoga will not only introduce you to the foundations and fundamentals of yoga, but also breakdown the more complicated vinyasa sequences, highlighting the proper alignment and functional benefits. You will learn poses and principals to take off the mat and into your life. Take a deep, well-intended breath and start the New Year with more focus and balance.  Instructor Amanda Bryant

Yoga, Wine, Chocolate and a Harp!

Be inspired by the invigorating hybrid of live performance and physical practice. The sound, tone and vibrations of music from live harpist Meghann Talbot will draw you deeper into the flow and rhythm of your yoga practice. While live music plays, Jessica will guide you through a melodic, slow flow vinyasa class connecting movement and sound. Experience the transformation of soulful sound and movement to lead your body and mind deeper into the present moment.  Featuring Peak Training’s accomplished harpist, Meghann A. Talbot

Amanda Bryant first came to yoga because she felt exhausted and overextended. She loved the peace and clarity yoga gave her and has been practicing ever since. In 2009, Amanda enrolled in Moksha FullSizeRender (10)Yoga Center’s highly respected teacher training program and obtained her certification upon completing the year-long training. She is very thankful to have had the opportunity to study with teachers like Daren Friesen, Daylene Christensen and Gabriel Halpern. In her own teaching, Amanda treasures the ability to share the centered feeling yoga gives her with others. She enjoys watching her students find the ability to focus inward and rely on themselves for inner peace and strength. If nothing else, she wants to be able to give everyone a moment to breathe, sit tall and focus, leaving the often stressful aspects of life outside of class. She believes that in an often overwhelming world, the simple act of slowing down and taking a full, well intended breath can work wonders for any soul. Amanda teaches Vinyasa Flow as well as more intensive workshops that always have a concentrated focus. From week to week, she chooses an area of the body or theme and structures her class around that concept or function. In doing so, she encourages her students to spend an hour concentrating on a single element that they may neglect in their day-to-day lives. You will leave Amanda’s class feeling focused, relaxed and rejuvenated.